Application forms for admission and financial aid may be obtained from the Admissions Office of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, Holyoke Center, Third Floor, 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-3654. Prospective students should request these forms in the preceding late summer or autumn, and should make every effort to submit them before the due date. We encourage online submission of the application.

The fee to apply is $105.  If you wish to request a fee waiver, please send an email to or and ask for a fee waiver application.

Candidates for admission are required to take the GRE General and the Physics Subject Test at the earliest convenient date. The February GRE date is too late for consideration. Prospective candidates are always welcome to visit the Center for Astrophysics to meet the faculty and students.

Further information may be obtained from:

The Department Administrator 
Harvard University Department of Astronomy 
60 Garden Street Cambridge, MA 02138 
Telephone 617-495-3753