Justin Kasper

Justin Kasper

Lecturer / SAO Astrophysicist
Justin Kasper


Kasper studies the flow of energy in astrophysical plasmas, including the solar corona, the solar wind, and planetary magnetospheres. His research focuses on the role of non-thermal velocity distribution functions, plasma micro-instabilities, magnetic reconnection, turbulence, and dissipation in the physical processes of heating, bulk acceleration, collisionless shocks, energetic particle acceleration, and radio emission. He has worked on the development, construction, and analysis of spacecraft instrumentation for the in-situ and remote measurement of particles and fields. He is also involved in several ground-based radio experiments on Earth and under development for the lunar surface.

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Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden Street,
Office: P-138
Cambridge, MA 02138

p: 617-496-7875

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