Soren Meibom

Soren Meibom

Lecturer / SAO Astrophysicist
Soren Meibom



Meibom's research centers on high-precision (time-series) photometric, spectroscopic, and X-ray observations of single and binary stars in open clusters. His programs make synergistic use of ground-based and space-based facilities, and targets open clusters with ages from a few million to 9 billion years of age. He is  a member of the science team for NASA's Kepler mission and lead a study of 4 open clusters within Kepler's field of view (The Kepler Cluster Study). My current studies include a Kepler search for exoplanets in open clusters, a study of the relationships between stellar rotation and stellar age and mass (single star angular momentum evolution and gyrochronology), and a Chandra study of the rotation-activity classification of cool single and binary stars.

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