Selma de Mink

Selma de Mink

Associate of the Astronomy Department
Selma di Mink

Research Interests: Stellar evolution, Interacting binary stars, Supernovae, Gravitational wave progenitors, Stellar populations, Chemical enrichment and feedback. 

Prof. de Mink completed her post-doc and returned to the Netherlands in 2014 to start a new research group at the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam as an assistant professor,  MacGillavry Fellow and Marie Curie Fellow. In 2017 she was awarded Merac early career award in theoretical astrophysics.

Her research interests range from the most massive and luminous stars to the oldest low mass stars in the halo of our galaxy that still bear the chemical imprints of the past. She is interested in how massive stars form, whether they form alone or with companions and she is interested in how they die and whether they leave behind a neutron star or black hole. Whether they can eject their binary companion to become a runaway star.  She studies the impact of stellar rotation and interaction with a binary companion.

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