Thomas M Dame

Thomas M Dame

Lecturer / SAO Radio Astronomer
Thomas M Dame


Dame's observational work is mainly carried out with the CfA 1.2 meter telescope and is geared toward determining the distribution and properties of dense, star-forming molecular clouds throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. A major milestone of this work was the publication in 2001 of a Complete CO Survey of the entire Galactic plane. As Director of the CfA's Radio Telescope Data Center, he recently made all of this survey data available on-line. As of 2011, the group's unbiased CO survey covers nearly the entire Northern sky with sampling of 1/4-deg or better; a recent coverage map is available here. Over the past few years these observations have been funded by a grant from the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope. Much more information on the telescope and our group's research accomplishments is given on the millimeter-wave group site.

Dame's research focuses on applying our extensive CO survey to a broad range of Galactic studies, including Galactic spiral structure and star formation, the distribution and origin of cosmic rays, the structure and evolution of supernova remnants and compact objects, and the stellar mass distribution inferred from the near-infrared. Over the past few years he has used our CO observations to identify two major new spiral features of the Milky Way, one a long-sought counterpart of the so-called Expanding 3-kpc Arm and the other possibly a distant extension of the Scutum-Centaurus Arm and a symmetric counterpart of the nearby Perseus Arm.


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