High-Energy Astrophysics

Jonathan E. Grindlay

Jonathan E. Grindlay

Robert Treat Paine Professor of Practical Astronomy

Research Interests: Compact objects and binaries in globular clusters and the origin and evolution of compact X-ray binaries. Accretion onto white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes. Development of a balloon-borne hard X-ray-imaging telescope and future space missions for hard X-ray observations of X-ray binaries and quasars.

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Nick  Murphy

Nick Murphy

Lecturer / SAO Astrophysicist

Research Interests: Plasma astrophysics, solar physics, magnetic reconnection, computational plasma physics, non-equilibrium ionization modeling, and …

Alicia Soderberg

Alicia Soderberg

Associate Professor of Astronomy

Research Interests: Her research focuses on the catastrophic death of stars, “supernovae”.   She combines astronomical data sets from many observatories and satellites in order to probe the eruptive, destructive, and explosive nature of supernovae and their role in the Universe.

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