Congratulations Astronomy 2017 PhDs

May 25, 2017

2017 students

Sarah Wellons, Andrew Vanderburg, Yuan-Sen Ting, Josh Suresh, Sukrit Ranjan, Philip Mocz, Meredith MacGregor, Kirit Karkare, Dawn Graninger (not shown Laura Schaefer)

Patrick Thaddeus

Pat Thaddeus

April 28, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

I am very sorry to report that our colleague Pat Thaddeus passed away this morning. 

Pat was a highly influential teacher and astronomer for over 50 years, including the past 30 at the CfA. His interests were extremely broad, including pioneering work on the cosmic microwave background radiation, planetary atmospheres, and large-scale studies of star formation and galactic structure. He was one of the founders of the now flourishing field of astrochemistry.  His elegant laboratory spectroscopy provided ironclad identifications of many new molecules Read more about Pat Thaddeus

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