Application forms for admission and financial aid may be obtained from the Admissions Office of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Degree(s) offered: PhD
Required: GRE General
Optional requirement:  GRE Physics Subject*

Program Description.

This program does not admit applicants for the AM degree; only those applying to the PhD are considered for admission, although the program may award the AM degree incidentally to PhD candidates.

All applicants to the Department of Astronomy are required to submit, in addition to the Abstract of Courses, a list of their four most advanced courses in astronomy and their two most advanced courses in mathematics, indicating textbooks (and authors) used in each course.

* The Department of Astronomy recently revised its policies regarding the GRE test. Beginning with the fall 2017 application cycle, the Physics GRE is suggested but not required. We are also considering eliminating the General GRE entirely and not accepting those scores; we will update this policy once finalized. These changes were motivated by concerns about the cost of the exam, the difficulty in taking the exam for some foreign applicants, the lack of correlation of test scores with research success, and the correlation of scores with race and gender.

Further information may be obtained from:

Department Administrator 
Harvard University Department of Astronomy 
60 Garden Street, MS 43
Cambridge, MA 02138 
Telephone 617-495-3753

Fee Waivers

In some cases, a candidate may not be able to afford to pay the complete application fee. In this situation the student should send an email to and ask for a fee waiver form.  He/She will need to fill the form out and return it. If it is approved, someone will go into the application and change the fee status, so he/she needs to have at least started her application.