Timeline for various stages in the graduate program.

What When Relevant people/committees

Study Plan
First and Second Years only

Review with Advisor first week of each fall term
Due October 1 to Graduate Coordinator
Advisor, CAS
Inventory Exam October of first year GSAS Milestone
Identification of Research Advisor and appointment of Advisory Committee January of first year Advisor,CAS
Teaching end of third year GSAS Milestone
Review research proposal with Advisory Committee and submit May 15 of first year Research Project Supervisor, CAS
Courses completed Ideally by end of spring term, second year GSAS Milestone
Research Project Report meeting with Exam Committee September of third year Research Exam Committee
Research Exam Soon after submission of research project report but no later than May of third year

Research Exam Committee, CAS, GSAS Milestone

Identify thesis advisor, review thesis proposal with Advisory Committee and submit Within 3 months of completion of research exam Advisor, CAS
Confirmation of Thesis Advisory Committee  Soon after submission of Thesis Proposal CAS
TAC Meetings Should be held twice per year after appointment TAC, CAS
PhD Dissertation End of fifth or sixth year Advisor, TAC, Department office
Confirmation of Defense Committee When thesis is about to be completed CAS
Public Lecture Before thesis defense Advisor, Department office
Final Oral Exam (Thesis Defense) After completion of thesis, usually same day as Public Lecture Final Oral Exam Committee