Christopher S. Moore

Christopher S. Moore

Smithsonian Astrophysicist
Astronomy Department Research Associate
Christopher Moore
Chris’ research interests include the atmosphere of stars. Currently, focusing on constraining solar coronal heating mechanisms during quiescence and flares. Specifically, working on techniques to improve constraints on the plasma temperature distribution, elemental abundances, and deriving connections between magnetic and radiative fluxes. Chris utilizes X-ray and EUV observations, compares them to models and works to develop new instrumentation (CMOS detectors, X-ray multilayer mirrors) for better measurements. Chris research involves instruments on CubeSats (MinXSS), sounding rockets (future SSAXI opportunity), SmallSats (future SEEJ opportunity), and large satellites (Hinode, SDO, RHESSI, GOES, CORONAS-PHOTON, NuSTAR, and more).

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Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian
60 Garden Street | MS 58 | Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
Office: P-148

p: (617) 495-7063

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