Jonathan E. Grindlay

Jonathan E. Grindlay

Robert Treat Paine Professor of Practical Astronomy

Research Interests: Compact objects and binaries in globular clusters and the origin and evolution of compact X-ray binaries. Accretion onto white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes. Development of a balloon-borne hard X-ray-imaging telescope and future space missions for hard X-ray observations of X-ray binaries and quasars.

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Meng Gu

Meng Gu

Graduate Student

Research Interest: Studies of the formation and evolution of massive galaxies in the universe using both observational and theoretical approaches.

Lars Hernquist

Lars Hernquist

Mallinckrodt Professor of Astrophysics

Research Interests: Theoretical studies of dynamical processes in cosmology and galaxy formation/galaxy evolution. Numerical simulations of stellar dynamical and hydrodynamical systems. Investigations of the physics of compact objects, particularly neutron stars and the interplay between thermal and magnetic processes in strongly magnetized neutron stars.

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Robert  P. Kirshner

Robert P. Kirshner

Clowes Professor of Science

Research interests:   Observations of supernovae for themselves and for cosmology using HST, Magellan, MMT, and the Whipple Observatory.  Use of rest frame infrared observations for Type Ia supernovae to improve measurements of dark energy properties.  Ongoing Hubble Space Telescope study of SN 1987A, the brightest since 1604!

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