Astronomy Department Chair

Daniel Eisenstein

Administrative Staff

Department Administrator: Peg Herlihy
Graduate Coordinator: Stephanie Dvorkin
Faculty Assistant for Profs. Berger, Eisenstein, and Conroy: Lisa Catella
Division Administrator for Profs. Loeb, Finkbeiner, Hernquist, Narayan, Soderberg, and Chen: Heidi Kendig
Division Administrator for Profs. Charbonneau, Sasselov, Johnson and Oberg: Christine Benoit
Division Administrator for Profs. Kovac and Moran: Irene Coyle
Faculty Assistant for Prof. Goodman: 

Fax: 617-495-7008

Mailing Address

Harvard Astronomy Department
60 Garden Street, MS 46
Cambridge, MA 02138

Academic Contacts

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Prof. Karin Öberg
Director of Education & Graduate Studies: Prof. Charlie Conroy

Questions and Comments about the website: Stephanie Dvorkin