Education and the History of Astronomy


Not only is astronomy the oldest science with a rich and instructive history, but many of its most important observations are available only in archival data (such as the HCO plate stacks of nearly 500,000 glass plate photographs) or in historical records. The Wolbach Library at CfA is especially complete and is part of the world's largest university library, which includes an unusually fine collection of rare astronomy classics. From time to time a historical lecture is presented as the Weekly Colloquium. The history of astronomy provides insights into the development and nature of science itself.


The CfA's Science Education Department provides the home for several National Science Foundation funded projects designed to improve the teaching of science in U.S. Schools and universities. Within these projects teachers collaborate with CfA scientists to develop hands-on activities, computer simulations and hardware, and text materials for the teaching of earth science, astronomy, and physics. Opportunities exist for involvement by graduate students, teachers, and scientists through sabbaticals, fellowships and summer institute programs. 

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