Physics PhDs with Astronomy Advisors


Year Student  Advisor Thesis Title        
2020 Nicholas Mondrik Stubbs Calibration Hardware and Methodology for Large Photometric Surveys  
2019 Michael Rowan Narayan Dissipation of Magnetic Energy in Collisionless Accretion Flows  
2019 Andrew Chael Narayan Simulating and Imaging Supermassive Black Hole Accretion Flows  
2019 Victor Buza Kovac Constraining Primordial Gravitational Waves Using Present and Future CMB Experiments
2018 Jae Hyeon Lee Eisenstein Prediction and Inference Methods for Modern Astronomical Surveys
2018 Albert Lee Finkbeiner Mapping the Relationship Between Interstellar Dust and Radiation in the Milky Way      
2018 Tansu Daylan Finkbeiner A Transdimensional Perspective on Dark Matter
2018 Jake Connors Kocx Channel Length Scaling in Microwave Graphene Field Effect Transistors  
2017 Michael Coughlin Stubbs Gravitational Wave Astronomy in the LSST Era
2017 Natalie Mashian Loeb Modeling the Constituents of the Early Universe
2016 Anna Patej Eisenstein/Loeb Distributions of Gas and Galaxies from Galaxy Clusters to Larger Scales    

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