Physics PhDs with Astronomy Advisors


Year Student  Advisor Thesis Title        
1961 BAHCALL, JOHN N. Layzer Theory of Bound-State Beta Decay  
1962 AVRETT, EUGENE HINTON  Krook Solutions of the Equation of Radiative Transfer  
1965 RYBICKI, GEORGE BRUNO  Krook Transfer of Radiation in Stochastic Media  
1967 PALMER, PATRICK EDWARD  Lilley Radio Frequency Recombination Spectra of Diffuse Nebulae
1968 HEARN, DAVID RUSSELL  Fazio A Search for Celestial Sources of Gamma Rays of Energy Greater than 100 MeV
1969 MILDER, DAVID Layzer Rotating Stellar Systems      
1969 RIEKE, GEORGE HENRY Fazio/Bainbridge** A Search for Cosmic Gamma Rays by Detection of Atmospheric Cerenkov Radiation
1961 SNYDER, RALPH BROCKETT Layzer  Relativistic Energies in Isooelectronic Sequences  
1971 STEPHENS, TIMOTHY LEE, Dalgarno  Quantum Mechanical Studies of Molecular Hydrogen
1971 CAVRAK, STEPHEN JAMES JR. Fazio/Purcell** The Production of Atmospheric g Rays with Eg> 10 MeV
1972 HIVELY, RAY MICHAEL Layzer  Cosmology of a Cold Universe.    
1972 LEVINE, RANDOLPH HERBERT Layzer Heating of the Corona by Magnetic Acceleration of Thermal Particles.
1975 BIENIEK, RONALD JAMES Dalgarno Theoretical Studies of Thermal Atomic Collisions Involving Electronic Transitions
1976 ROSNER, ROBERT Layzer Some Aspects of Magnetic Field Dynamics in Astrophysical Plasmas
1979 DA COSTA, LUIZ ALBERTO NICOLACI  Cameron Effects of a Central Gas Cloud in Dense Stellar Systems.
1979  SHORER, PHILIP  Dalgarno Application of the Relativistic Random-Phase Approximation to the Photoexcitation and Photoionization of Atoms
1985 BAND, DAVID LOUIS  Grindlay Non-Thermal Radiation Mechanisms and Processes in SS433 and Active Galactic Nuclei
1985  KAHN, RONALD NATHAN Press  Topics in Inflationary Cosmology    
1989  GOODMAN, ALYSSA ANN  Myers/Shapiro  Interstellar Magnetic Fields: An Observational Perspective
1990  COUGHLIN, KATIE MARY  Thaddeus  Quasi-Periodic Taylor-Couette Flow    
1991 COVAULT, CORBIN EDWARD Grindlay The Energenic X-ray Imaging Telescope Experiment: Instrument Development and Observations of Black Hole Candidates in Binaries
1991 DIGEL, SETH WILLIAM  Thaddeus  Molecular Clouds in the Distant Outer Galaxy  
1991  ROGERS, ROBERT DERWARD  Press/Field  The Origins of the Cosmic X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Backgrounds
1993  MOLLAGHABABA, REZA Thaddeus  Millimeter-Wave Spectroscopy of Three Highly Reactive Astrophysical Molecules: SiC, SiO, and C3H2
1994 SAVIN, DANIEL WOLF Kohl Absolute Measurements of Field Enhanced Dielectronic Recombination and Electron Impact Excitation
1995  LIN, HUAN  Kirshner The Las Campanas Redshift Survey    
1995 MANANDHAR, RAJ  Grindlay Development of a New Detector for Hard X-Ray Observations of Non-Thermal Emission from Low- Mass X-Ray Binaries
1996  EISENSTEIN, DANIEL  Loeb  Analytical Models for the Gravitational Formation of Objects in the Universe
1996 LEBACH, DANIEL  Shapiro  Applications of Very-Long-Baseline Interferometry to Tests of General Relativity
1998 KEETON, CHARLES  Kochanek  Using Gravitational Lenses to Study Galaxies and Cosmology
1999 PERNA, ROSALBA  Loeb  Theoretical Studies of Gamma-Ray Bursts  
2000 DAW, ADRIAN NIGEL  Parkinson/Smith  Measurement of the Radiative Lifetime of the 2s2 2p4 1So Metastable Level of Ne2+; a Study of Forbidden Transitions of Astrophysical Interest
2001  CHOU, YI  Grindlay  Developments of EXITE2 and Timing Analysis of Ultra-Compact X-ray Binaries
2001  FOX, DAVID CHARLES  Loeb  The Structure of Clusters of Galaxies    
2002 OZEL, FERYAL Narayan  The Effects of Strong Magnetic and Gravitational Fields on Emission Properties of Neutron Stars
2002 WONG, GLENN PATRICK  Shapiro  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments Using Laser-Polarized Noble Gas
2002 JANZEN, PAUL HENRY  Kohl/Horowitz** An Experiment to Measure Electron Impact Excitation of Ions that have Metastable States
2005 ZHU, CHENG  Dalgarno/Lukin** Gas Phase and Molecular Process    
2006  BABICH, DANIEL MICHAEL Loeb  Cosmological Non-Gaussianity and Re-ionization  
2007 SCHULZ, ALEXIA EIRINN  White/Huth ** Astrophysical Probes of Dark Energy    
2007  HOFFMAN, LAUREN Loeb  Orbital Dynamics in Galaxy Mergers    
2008  GARG, ARTI  Stubbs  Microlensing Candidate Selection and Detection Efficiency for the Super MACHO Dark Matter Search
2008 SHAFEE, REBECCA Narayan/McClintock  Measuring Black Hole Spin    
2009 HICKEN, MALCOLM  C. Stubbs/R. Kirshner  Doubling the Nearby Supernova Type Ia Sample  
2010 SLATYER, TRACY ROBYN Finkbeiner Signatures of a New Force in the Dark Matter Sector  
2010 HIGH, FREDRICK WILLIAM Stubbs The Dawn of Wide-Field Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Cluster Surveys: Efficient Optical Follow-Up  
2010 GIRASH, JOHN ANDREW Stubbs/Field A Fokker-Planck Study of Dense Rotating Stellar Clusters  
2012  SCHLAFLY, EDWARD  Finkbeiner Dust in Large Optical Surveys.  
2013 VISBAL, ELI Loeb Future Probes of Cosmology and the High-Redshift Universe.  
2013 PAN, TONY Loeb Properties of Unusually Luminous Supernovae.  
2013 RUEL, JONATHAN Stubbs Optical Spectroscopy and Velocity Dispersions of SZ-selected Galaxy Clusters.  

*Revised Dec 3, 2008. Does not include thesis students of SAO staff who have Physics Department appointments only.
**Advisor on record in the Physics Department