Courses and Requirements

Astrophysics Concentration
Details of the Astrophysics concentration from the FAS Handbook for students

Secondary Fieldsexternal link
Details of the Astrophysics secondary from the FAS Handbook for students

Astronomy Courses

Catalog from registrars officeexternal link of current Astronomy courses.

Study Abroad Optionsexternal link

Office of International Programs approved options for study abroad for Astrophysics Concentration

Director of Undergraduate Education:


Prof. Karin Öberg;

The Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) will be responsible for all matters pertaining to the undergraduate students associated with the Astronomy department. The DUS will recruit undergraduate students of interest in Astronomy, assign advisors at the CfA,  makes sure that they select appropriate courses throughout the years towards their junior and senior theses, and monitors the success of the program as expressed in the Senior Survey and course evaluations.  The DUS is the liaison to the Office of Undergraduate Educationexternal link and the Dean of the College.