Clay Telescope


Clay TelescopeThe Clay Telescope is located on the roof of the Science Center. It is a 16" (0.4 m) DFM engineered telescope. The telescope is fitted with a DFM filter wheel with a set of Bessel filters (UBVRI and H-alpha) and an Apogee Alta U47 camera. The observatory also has a SBig SGS spectrograph. The telescope is used for teaching and research opportunities. 




The Loomis-Michael Observatory


The Loomis-Michael Observatory is located in the Science Center at Harvard University. It is managed by the Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe (STAHR), the Harvard undergraduate astronomy club, and is open to all friends and affiliates of Harvard. It houses a 10-inch refractor telescope and is used primarily for educational and recreational purposes.

Loomis-Michael Observatory telescope and students



Astro Lab


The Astronomy Lab is located in Room 804 on the 8th floor of the Science Center. There is a small computer lab with 2 Macs and 4 PCs for data analysis. The computers have programs that include but are not limited to: IDL, IRAF, MaximDL, Microsoft Office, The Sky and the non-linear regression plotting program, NLReg.



Observing the Sun



Many classes take advantage our 'mini' solar observatory and make daytime observations of the Sun. Observations can be made with the small Celestron telescope using appropriate filters or using the rooftop heliostat. A camera can be attached to the telescope or used to image spectra lines.