Graduate School Preparation

If you are thinking about going on to graduate school in astronomy/astrophysics, make sure to consult with the DUS about your study plan as soon as you know you want to concentrate in astrophysics. In particular we highly recommend that you take some additional physics, applied math and CS courses beyond what is required to complete the astrophysics concentration. Among the courses we recommend are PHYS 143A, PHYS 151, PHYS 153 and PHYS 181, but the exact recommendations will depend on your own interests and specific graduate school plans.

Grad school solicitations:

Below are a list of letters sent to us with specific solicitations for graduate school programs in astronomy and related disciplines. 

University of California, Los Angeles (pdf)

Rutgers University 2022 (pdf)

UC San Diego Astronomy PhD Program (pdf)

University of Alabama (pdf)