Public Outreach Project

Our graduate students, past and present, have been distinguished nationally by their commitment and contributions to the greater Astronomy community, including the lay public.  ComSciCon and Astrobites are just two examples of efforts that were initiated by and continue to thrive thanks to students at Harvard. In that tradition, the faculty feel it important that every student be asked to contribute in some meaningful way to interact with our numerous stakeholders: outside scientists, students, the lay public, politicians, entrepreneurs and funders, to name a few.

This contribution can take the form of creating outreach products (websites, software, games relating to your PhD thesis) or services (teaching or mentoring in other programs, volunteering in professional societies, organizing events for the public, political activism, etc.).  Responsibility for approving and validating such projects rests with the CAS presently. 

A new form will be added to the collection that will serve as a reporting mechanism for registering your project initially and then as a final report.  

Examples of  deliverable projects

Examples of public outreach options: