Astrophysics Advisors

There are over 500 faculty, scientists and post-doctoral fellows at the Center for Astrophysics.  Here is a list of the subset of senior researchers who are likely to advise graduate students on their research. 

For contact information, click on the name. SAO = Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Sean Andrews
SAO Astrophysicist
Harvard Lecturer in Astronomy
Research Interests: Planet formation in the disks of gas and dust that orbit...

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PhD Outreach Projects

Each Harvard Astronomy Ph.D. candidate must complete and publish a public outreach piece explaining aspects of their Ph.D. research in terms accessible to non-scientists as a pre-condition for receiving their Ph.D.

Use the menu at left to see the requirements for the outreach project, see samples of recommended projects, and view past student examples (note that the requirement was installed in 2013).