The Case for Cosmic Modesty

July 21, 2017

Evolver social movement & the Hive to Thrive speaker series hosted Harvard University director of astronomy Avi Loeb for a wide ranging discussion. From the nature of scientific discovery to possible origins of FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts) emanating from the cosmic background radio noise. 
Produced by Sam Tabar & John Sullivan
Creative Direction/ Editing/ Video by Michael Tosner (Present Day Productions)
Illustration and animation by Mo Caicedo, Nick Martinelli, Deniz Ilhan (Hey Mister post-production services)

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"Prior to the development of modern astronomy, humans tended to think the physical world centered on us. The sun and the stars were thought to revolve around Earth. Although naive in retrospect, this is a natural starting point. When my daughters were infants, they tended to think the world centered on them. Their development portrayed an accelerated miniature of human history. As they grew up, they matured and acquired a more balanced perspective."

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