Eric Keto Prize

The Eric Keto Prize is awarded each year for the best thesis in theoretical astrophysics by a student at the CfA, as selected by the Senior Members of the ITC. 

  • Ellen Price for her thesis entitled: "Simulating Protoplanetary Disk Dynamics and Investigating their Exoplanet Outcomes" (Advisor: Karin Öberg) - 2021
  • Josh Speagle for his thesis entitled: "Mapping the Milky Way in the Age of Gaia" (Advisors: Charlie Conroy and Doug Finkbeiner) - 2020
  • Andrew Chael for his thesis entitled: "Simulating and Imaging Supermassive Black Hole Accretion Flows" (Advisor: Ramesh Narayan) - 2019
  • Pierre Christian for his thesis entitled: "Detecting gravitational lensing of gravitational waves" (Advisor: Avi Loeb) - 2018
  • Philip Mocz for his thesis entitled: “Moving Mesh Magnetohydrodynamics: Magnetic Processes in Star Formation and Cosmology.” (Advisor: Lars Hernquist) - 2017
  • Gongjie Li for her thesis entitled:  Long-term Dynamics of High Mass Ratio Multiples - 2015