Sackler Lectures

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture in Astronomy was established in 1992 to bring an outstanding speaker to the Harvard College Observatory.

Click on the titles for abstracts and videos of the lectures (when available).

George Efstathiou 09 April 2015 Cosmology with Planck 2015
Eva Grebel 11 September 2014 Dwarf Galaxies and Their Role as Building Blocks
Marijn Franx 23 May 2013 Observing the evolution of galaxies
Adam Riess 06 December 2012 Precision Measurements of the Hubble Constant and PASS
John Carlstrom 21 April 2011 New Results from the 10 meter South Pole Telescope
Chris McKee 09 December 2010 The Formation of Massive Stars
Vicky Kaspi 02 April 2009 Magnetars: Progress and Puzzles
James Cronin 03 April 2008 Study of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays with the Pierre Auger Observatory
Andrea Ghez 20 September 2007 Bringing our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole and its Environs intoFocus with Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics
James Gunn 25 May 2006 The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Past and Future
Rashid Sunyaev 22 March 2005 The Sky in Hard X-Rays
Peter Goldreich 29 April 2004 Final Stages of Planet Formation
Riccardo Giaconni 01 May 2003 The Rise of X-ray Astronomy
Scott Tremaine 02 May 2002 The demography of massive black holes
Ewine van Dishoeck 31 May 2001 Molecules on a Space Odyssey
John Bahcall 01 March 2000 What Have We Learned about Solar Neutrinos?
Claude Canizares 07 May 1999 High Resolution Spectroscopy with the Chandra X-ray Observatory
Richard Ellis 19 February 1998 Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of Distant Galaxies
Roger Angel 05 September 1996 How to Look for Primitive Life on Planets Orbiting Other Stars
W.L.W. Sargent 16 November 1995 Quasar Absorption Lines and the Evolution of Heavy Elements in the Universe